Monday, May 2, 2016

Friday: " Things come easily and frequently "

"Things come easily and frequently." is a phrase I have stated to tell myself when I get overwhelmed. I hope its not my "serenity now.' I might have started this blog off a little strong with what I shared but i feel like why beat around the bush when you start something you need to write. If  people want to read it they will.

So. Let me tell you about my self. I'm Nicholas. I am 33 years old. Married to my high school love and I have two kids and one on the way. I am in Salt Lake City, Uah. I live about 5 minutes from where i did most of my growing up.  I am sure I will explore that more and I will come up with names for my kids. My wife name is just that. My Wife. Only catch is you have to say it in a horrible Borat impression. Its rather entertaining. You should do it. I'll wait.

This Week:

So, this week I broke my phone. It fell out of my coat pocket as I was leaning down to avoid a rouge shoelace. I have a old iPhone 4s I used to use so I don't have to be without before I have time to get it fixed. I go home and couldn't find it. I asked my daughter if she knew where it went and she had a very suspicious face that she knew but was using it as a toy and didnt want to give it up. I didn't push her because I would look for it and find it.

I find it under the tv in the entertainment center.  So as plug it in, obviously has been dead for about a month I watched the bars in anticipation hoping that I can remember my passcode to get into my phone. I am guessing my daughter had that same thought. If you don't have a iPhone, if you don't put your password in right the first three tries you have to wait a minuet to use it. As the iPhone powered on I was filled with hope that I was that much closer to having a phone. I picked up the phone and lo and behold I have too wait 5,094 minuets until I can do anything with my phone. 5,094 minuets. That's a little over 3 days. I actually started to laugh because the look on my daughters face now comes in to my mind. 5,094 minuets.

I will write again soon, I don't really know how this blogging thing works but I am sure I will have stories or thoughts soon bought, well, good enough ones that is.

I applaud any of you who said "MY WIFE" in a terrible Borat impression.



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