Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wednesday: May the 4th be with you.

Here in Utah we don't have that many Hip-Hop stations, not like most of the other huge citys. But we now have two different stations that plays Todays Hip-hop such are Schoolboy Q, Yelawolf, Skizzy Mars. The other station plays Classic Hip-Hop like 2pac, Warren G, Biggie, Busta Rhyms ect. Even though I am a white dude, I love Hip-Hop. I find it to be something that I can connect with not that I grew up in the projects or anything, but I don't really like much of the "MUSIC" that is coming out these days that is considered music. As I am typing this I am listening to Lil Snupe an amazing rapper that was killed way before his time, but thats what happens I guess when you are in the rap game. Sad.

When I was growing up my mother and father had very different style of music they liked. My mother loved Folk music like James Taylor, Joni Mitchell. My father liked The Beatles. He actually had Beatles trading cards. So its kinda strange that I love Hip-Hop so much. Don't get me wrong I love James Taylor and The Beatles but I am just really feeling how hip-hop is gritty and real. I am not a fan of the word "Bitch" when they talk about women, but, I'm not going to be casting stones in anyones direction. 

The Wife and I bring a huge selection of music to our children. We sing to them every night from artists ranging from Bob Marley to Elvis. We listen to everything with our kids including Hip-Hop, Rock, Reggae and even some Dubstep. I'm not one to think that music makes a bad kid. My son loves Eminem and I let him listen to to but we as parents have told him that the subjects and words that he says is definitely not acceptable to be saying. I'm not going to stifle his creativity because of some stereotype that some genes of music will make you do things like shoot up a school or do drugs. Thats just absurd.

This Week:

So since my schools PTA president knows that I take photos I get asked to take photos at school activities  This week its Art night, so guess what I get to do this week. It makes me laugh that I don't look like the normal father, I have long hair and a beard. I have been called a "Hipster Jesus" more than once. It always makes smile when I am asked to take photos for these types of events because I feel like the parents of the kids think I am so kinda creeper that is just taking photos of kids. I need a PTA pass or some kinda credentials letting the parents know that I am doing this for that school not because I am some kinda pervert.

Todays is May the 4th and for all you of who have been living under a rock its a play on the Star Wars "May the force be with you." saying in the movie. We are huge fans of Star Wars here in our house. Except my daughter who says she doesn't like it but wears Star Wars t-shits that her brother has outgrown. She just wants to be different which i am grateful for that she doesn't want to just follow what everyone else is doing.  

I know this blog is really everywhere and I think that is how its going to be since I don't really want to follow a strict guide line of what this is. So I'm going to just type whats on my mind and its not going to be on just one subject (most of the time).

Thank you all who have read this and if you know me, let me know you are reading it.



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  1. Music dose not make kids bad, shitty parents do! I always read the blog cuz! Love and miss you man!